Thursday, March 16, 2006

"If I Were President"

Of Principalities and Powers ~ "If I Were President"

Today's column is a guest piece, and consists of a note from my son Micah and a brief essay by his daughter (my granddaughter) Maureen.

Just thought I'd pass along Maureen's prize-winning essay. Her entire school was asked to write an essay entitled "If I Were President"; Maureen's essay was chosen to represent Confidence Elementary. So here goes Maureen (age 7). I've never been more proud.
P.S. This was written in class without the influence--or even prior knowledge--of Dad.

If I Were President

If I were the President I would stop wars. If some people wanted war they would have to move where there was a different President. I would also throw a celebration since I ended war, because war is a terrible thing. The reason I would do this is because too many people get hurt or killed in war.

Also as President, I would make rich and poor equal. I would do this by making the rich pay taxes that pay the poor money. The poor would use this money for homes, jobs, college, and much more. I would also make the rich give some of their belongings to the poor. That’s what I’d do if I were President.

© Tony Russell, 2006

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